Creativity Problem Solving & Innovation

  • 3rd April 2023
    9:30 am - 4:30 pm

Course duration: 1 day

Additional notes for course:


Aims and objectives

  • To learn practical strategies for being innovative and solving real work problems in a creative way
  • Determine their strengths in the area of creativity and innovation and how to apply both creativity and innovation to their work
  • Outline a process for creativity and innovation and to determine what is preventing them from reaching their creative potential

Who should attend

For everyone who wants to learn key strategies for being creative and innovative. For anyone in leadership who need to learn tools and techniques to bring out the creativity and innovation in those who work for them. For anyone who recognises the importance of continuous innovation as key to being a success in today’s business world.

Course content

Programme Outline

  • Difference between Creativity and Innovation
  • Why Individuals and Organisations need to be Creative
  • Exercises for Strengthening your Creative Muscle
  • Bringing out Creativity in Groups
  • Creativity Assessment – How creative am I
  • Creativity Framework
  • Creativity & Innovation Process
  • Right Brain vs. Left Brain
  • Bisociation Process – combining ideas to create opportunity
  • Menu of Exercises including:
    • Stakeholder Mapping Exercise & The Personal Brainstorm
    • Mind Mapping & Force-field Analysis
    • Reversals & Superheroes
    • Voting Exercise & Idea Advocate
    • NAF (Novelty, Attractiveness & Feasibility)
    • Choices Exercise
    • Creative Solutions Process
    • Visualisation & The Reticular Activating System
  • Latest research on the Mind and Creativity

Skills learned

Creativity, being innovative, problem solving and facilitating creativity/innovation in groups.


There is no certification for this programme.