Effective Minute Taking

  • 27th April 2023
    10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Course duration: 1 day

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Course overview

Does your organisation need concise minutes that accurately reflect the decisions taken and actions agreed at a meeting? Would you like to be confident that the notes taken and the minutes created will produce a valuable record of a meeting?


Aims and objectives

Participants discover the tricks of the trade on this highly practical workshop-style course. They also learn about best practice, how to listen more effectively and ways to write salient points quickly and clearly.

It covers the A to Z of minute taking, from using a template to identifying common errors of grammar, punctuation and use of English. During the day, participants experience every stage of the minute-taking process, using guided role-play.

Course content

Proposed Course Content

Part One

Part Two — Writing style

  • Identifying a good style
  • Getting the message across, using clear English
  • Being more concise and reader-friendly
  • Six tips: Writing up notes
  • Useful vocabulary
  • Avoiding common errors of grammar, punctuation and use of English
  • Summarising & Practice

– Meetings and minutes

  • What are minutes for?
  • How do you define “good” minutes?
  • What are the key skills for minute-taking?
  • A to Z of taking minutes
  • Tailoring content to your readers’ needs
  • Test yourself: Are you really listening?
  • Creating an effective agenda & Meeting checklist
  • How to take useful notes
  • Practice: using guided role-play

Effective Minute Taking – course outline continued

Editing strategies — how to re-read more effectively

  • Editing in three easy steps
  • Using a proofreading checklist
  • Practice

Part Three — Editing

Skills learned

On completion of this one-day course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the role and responsibilities of the minute-taker
  • Prepare an outline and use a template
  • Create an efficient structure and layout
  • Summarise information (and understand what to leave out)
  • Listen more effectively
  • Use simple techniques to transform your writing style
  • Recognise errors and potential problem areas
  • Incorporate useful phrases
  • Edit and proofread your minutes