Trainers Skills Certificate

  • 7th September 2023 - 28th September 2023
    9:30 am - 4:30 pm

Course duration: 4 days

Additional notes for course:


Course overview

The IITD Certificate in Training Delivery & Evaluation programme is specifically designed to enable participants to develop the necessary knowledge, skills and confidence to deliver and evaluate training activities pertinent to those responsible for the training of others in organisations.

Course content

Structure and Content of Programme

  • Adult learning / Training Objectives
  • Roles & Competences of the Trainer
  • Preparing & Delivering Training.
  • Learning Assessment & Training Evaluation.
  • The programme content comprises four sections and is delivered in a highly participative and practical manner. A range of learning methods and approaches will be used to promote the practical application of theoretical concepts covered


Programme assessment is on a continuous basis, embracing skills demonstrations, theoretical reviews and a learner record.

Skills learned

At the end of this module, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss key aspects of adult learning theory and implement associated principals in the design and delivery of training activities.
  • Set appropriate training objectives for planned training activities.
  • Explain the role and competences of an effective trainer.
  • Identify key factors in preparing for training delivery.
  • Demonstrate core skills required for effective delivery of training programmes.
  • Identify a range of assessment tools, techniques and approaches and devise an appropriate strategy for the assessment of learning.
  • Explain the background to training evaluation, identify a range of evaluation models and principles, evaluate training programmes effectively and identify key areas of benefit and opportunity.


FETAC Level 6 – Training Delivery and Evaluation Component Award (6N3326)

In conjunction with the IITD New Trainers Skills Certificate, successful participants will be awarded a FETAC Level 6 Training Delivery & Evaluation Component Award (6N3326). This programme is designed to ensure that assessment standards implemented by IITD are aligned to those required of the FETAC award. This facilitates a streamlined and user-friendly process for programme tutors and participants.