Covid 19, Management Development

Coaching at a Distance through Covid-19

Course duration: 3 hours

Aims and objectives

  • Explore what coaching is and how it can improve performance and motivation
  • Learn how to flex your coaching style during an unprecedented period of change
  • Learn how to set yourself and your team members up for success while coaching over
    various platforms
  • Practice the key skills of coaching (listening and questioning) and how to use these at a
    distance and over various platforms
  • Learn and practice the GROW Coaching Model
  • Gain self-created solutions to current challenges through peer coaching

Who should attend

Programme is designed for leader/managers/team leaders with responsibility for staff.

Course content

  • Definitions & Context- your experience of Coaching, the challenge of coaching
    through significant change, what you hope to gain
  • Highly Interactive- opportunities to interact at a minimum of every 3 to 5 minutes
    through verbal discussion, written chat, polls, and hand raising
  • Small group work – break out groups will allow you to apply your learning or reflect in
    pairs or smaller groups
  • Intimate focused platform which allows face to face interaction with the entire group
    (if you want to use your webcam)
  • Listening & Questioning in focus (including the communications challenges of
    working virtually)
  • The GROW model for coaching
  • Skills to practice in pairs or trios – based on real life issues and applying GROW
  • When to use coaching- Skill/Will Development, Applying Coaching with your Team,
  • Feedforward and Action Planning
  • ‘Coaching in the Moment’ Blogs

Skills learned

  • Use of Coaching at a distance to improve performance, motivation and success
  • Key Coaching Skills and using them remotely- active listening, powerful questioning
  • Using GROW Model- through Coaching exercises
  • Reaching solutions to real life on-job challenges though remote Coaching
  • Action planning


There is no certification for this programme.

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