Cross-Examination Skills

Course duration: 1 Day (if previously attended Courtroom skills)

Course overview

This is an advanced training day, which follows on from our Courtroom Skills training day and builds on what was learned on that course. It further increases the confidence and effectiveness of an individual when giving evidence in any legal forum whether civil or criminal. Delegates learn how to combat cross-examination techniques and gain mastery of their delivery.

Who should attend

Many witnesses, no matter how experienced they may be, still find the process of giving evidence and cross-examination a daunting experience. This advanced training course provides intensive training and feedback on how to most effectively deliver evidence, which builds on what was learned on our Courtroom Skills Training course, which must be taken prior to taking this course. It will further improve confidence and improve ability to give effective and coherent evidence and to deal with cross-examination. The Cross-Examination day is a challenging but valuable advanced course that gives extra confidence to those facing a court appearance.

Course content

The course is an intensive and highly practical day, delivered by qualified lawyers. The day commences with a quick review of key learning points from our Courtroom Skills Training, including analysis of techniques that lawyers use to disconcert witnesses and how best to deal with them. Delegates are then paired with another delegate each of whom acts as the other’s coach for the day. Each delegate is then cross-examined by the trainer, which is video recorded. Delegates receive detailed feedback from the trainer with the aid of some video playback. With the benefit of what they have learned and input from their coach, they have a further opportunity to be cross-examined, where they can put into practice, suggestions from their first session, so as to improve their evidence giving ability. Each delegate will take away their recording for further learning.

Skills learned

Key Learning Points

  • Reviewing your preparation checklist
  • Receiving feedback from a lawyer on evidence giving ability
  • Gaining mastery of your delivery
  • Assessing your performance and using the video to enhance your skills
  • Giving confident, clear testimony under difficult cross-examination
  • Putting into practice any tips on improving evidence giving ability
  • Identifying and dealing effectively with various techniques used by lawyers
  • Getting to the essence of a complex case and communicating clearly with the judge


There is no certification for this programme.

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