Masterclass: Remaining HR Compliant Through Covid-19

Course duration: Half day workshop

Aims and objectives

Covid-19 has fundamentally changed the working relationships for many organisations.  From those who continue to attend work in providing essential services, maintaining social distance at work, working remotely, and being placed on notice or unpaid leave while being paid or on Covid-19 income support it has had a profound impact or the employment relationship.

As we move into the second phase of the Covid-19 response many managers and HR practitioners will be asking what do I do now, what are the risks, and how can I reassure the organisation and staff?

Our 2-hour workshops will provide a forum for learning, and will focus on the specific HR challenges you and your organisation faces.  The workshops are designed to develop the skills and knowledge needed to navigate these challenging times.

Who should attend

Managers and HR practitioners who either have identified specific HR challenges or  just want to broaden their awareness of potential risks, pitfalls and  best practice solutions to the changing landscape.

Course content

The Workshops will be experientially focussed and led by an experienced HR professional and/or employment law practitioner.

Each workshop will be focussed on the participants specific needs and challenges where those registered for the training will be asked in advance to submit online their specific queries and the masterclass will focus on these issues.  The workshop will also provide best practice HR updates related to complying to your HR obligations and recap on what your Covid-19 policy and procedure should contain.

The workshop will be run through a virtual classroom set up where participants will have interactive participation with the facilitator(s) and each other.

Skills learned

Following participation on this virtual classroom masterclass participants will have developed their knowledge and skills to deal with specific HR responses needed to be addressed due to Covid-19 developments.  They will have gained confidence and reassurance that their HR policies, practices and response remain compliant, and where the management of risk is minimised.  Significantly they will also have learned from each other and be skilfully guided by our experienced facilitators.


There is no certification for this programme.

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