Health & Safety

PHECC First Aid Response (FAR)

Course duration: 3 Day Course

Course overview

A PHECC First Aid Response course is a three-day certified course and has become the NEW Health and Safety Authority (H.S.A) standard for first aid in the workplace.

The course is designed to provide participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide emergency first aid should the need arise.

This course is perfect for anyone who is required to act as first aider in their place of work, community group, voluntary organisation and in the home. It is also a fantastic introduction to providing emergency care and using a defibrillator.

Aims and objectives

Career Progression:
This course is the one of the foundation stepping stones for those interested in entering the emergency medical services, a healthcare practitioner or becoming a Trainer in PHECC First Aid Response.

A First Aid Responder may become part of a volunteer group on a Community CFR Programme or assist as a First Aider in local clubs.

Often attending to any emergency/injury can be daunting, completing a PHECC FAR Course will give you the tools to assess situations and deal with them in a calm and confident manner.

Who should attend

Any individual who wishes to develop their knowledge, skills and attitude to recognise and care for people with life threatening injuries or non-life threatening injuries before the arrival of advanced medical care.

Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2005 you should ensure that you have qualified First Aid Responders on premises, note that the PHECC FAR course covers this requirement.

Additionally anyone who wishes to develop skills or requires First Aid knowledge as part of their interests i.e. Coaching, Parents etc, the PHECC FAR course provides an excellent basis of knowledge for treating people in a pre-hospital environment at a basic level.

Note: This programme requires a high level of trainee participation and interaction where the theory is enhanced by practical demonstration of skills and practical application by trainees.

Course content

What is covered on our PHECC First Aid Response (FAR) Course:

  • The duties of a First Aider
  • Personal safety and protection measures
  • Accident Scene appraisal and management
  • Diagnosis and principle of treatment
  • The respiratory system
  • CPR instruction and practice
  • AED instruction & practice
  • The cardiovascular system
  • Cardiac arrest – signs, symptoms and causes
  • Casualty examination and recovery position
  • Unconsciousness – signs, symptoms and causes
  • Haemorrhage – signs, symptoms and causes
  • Wounds and control of & treatment for bleeding
  • Shock – signs, symptoms and causes
  • Treatment for shock – vital signs
  • Functions of the skeleton
  • Types of fractures
  • Treatment of fractures
  • Head injuries and their management
  • Types of burns, poisons, chemical burns and burns to the eyes – signs, symptoms and treatment
  • Practical accident scenarios and treatment throughout the course for participants to practice and become competent in dealing with first aid emergencies.
    Critical Incidents


Joint Carraig Safety & Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council (PHECC) FAR Certificate, valid for 2 years.

What about my QQI Level 5 OFA Certificate?

Note that PHECC FAR is now the new standard for First Aiders in the workplace, coming up to your expiry date of your OFA Certificate you should contact a PHECC Recognised Institution or a PHECC Certifified Trainer in order to carry out transfer to the New PHECC Standard. RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) will apply.

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