Management Development

Train the Trainer 2 Day Course

Course duration: 2 days

Aims and objectives

By the end of the workshop trainees will have

“Developed their knowledge, attitude, skills and application as trainers.”

Who should attend

This programme is aimed at those who wish to formalise their Skills, Knowledge and Attitude as trainers.

Course content

Programme Outline

  • Section A: Background
  • Introduction to Training, Understanding How People Learn
  • Section B: Preparation:
  • Understanding Systematic Training, Training Course Design
  • Pre-Course Logistical Preparations
  • Section C: Training Delivery
  • Getting the Course Up & Running
  • Communication & Presentation Skills & Facilitation Skills
  • Handling Awkward Situations
  • Training Evaluation & Effective Ending
  • Section D: Putting Learning’s Into Practice
  • Practical Application of Training Skills
  • Section E: Final Pointers & Course Review
  • Supporting Continuous Learning
  • Review, Q&A and Course Wrap Up

Programme Methodology

Our approach to any training is experiential, involving participants at all stages. Therefore the approach to the training is highly Interactive and will inform while allowing participants to try out the information received in classroom situations while engaging the participants in meaningful analysis of the relevant subjects. Our aim is to have a practical user-friendly yet successful approach to all aspects of delivery methods with principles and techniques that are practical and easy to use.

Skills learned

  • To fully understand the purpose of training
  • To recognise and understand different learning styles
  • To provide key knowledge and skills for designing a training course
  • To provide key pointers and skills for effective training delivery
  • To highlight the important skills of trainers and participant interaction
  • To explain the important role of training evaluation
  • To apply what we have learned


There is no certification for this programme.

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