IT Training

Visio 2013 Introduction

Course duration: 1 day

Course overview

The Introduction to Visio 2013 training course covers how to create professional diagrams to simplify complex information.

Aims and objectives

You will learn how to create drawings like flowcharts and business process diagrams, work with shapes, text, art and objects and manage pages.

Who should attend

New and existing users of Visio who want to learn how the product is used efficiently in the production of complex flow charts and business process diagrams.

Course content

Getting Started with Visio

  • Identify the Components of the Visio 2013 Interface
  • Customise the Visio Interface
  • Create a New Drawing
  • Save a Drawing
  • Open a Drawing
  • Print and Share your Drawing

Creating a New Drawing

  • Understand the Shapes Pane
  • Add Shapes to a Drawing
  • Connect Shapes
  • Use Drag and Drop, Cut, Copy and Paste & Undo and Redo

Working with Shapes and Formatting Shapes

  • Select Shapes
  • Move, Rotate, Resize, Duplicate and Delete Shapes
  • Apply a Shape Style
  • Change the Fill and Line Colour
  • Add Effect

Arrange Shapes

  • Use Auto Align and Auto Space
  • Change the Layout of the Page
  • Rotate the Diagram

Format Text

  • Change the Font Face, Size and Colour
  • Apply Text Effects
  • Use the Text Dialog
  • Change Text Alignment
  • Rotate Text

Insert Art & Objects

  • Insert Online and Local Pictures
  • Insert Charts
  • Insert CAD Drawings
  • Insert Text Boxes

Format the Page

  • Change the Theme of the Current Page
  • Choose a Variant for the Current Page
  • Apply a Page Background
  • Add Borders and Titles

Manage Pages

  • Insert Pages
  • Browse through Pages
  • Rename and Delete Pages
  • Create Background Pages

The Finishing Touches

  • Check Spelling
  • Modify Page Size and Orientation
  • Use Page Setup
  • Add Headers and Footers


There is no certification for this programme.

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